CustomFlex Flexible Partial

As an alternative to conventional partial materials, CustomFlex uses advanced thermoplastic resin with nylon-like injected base material for increased flexibility, durability and biocompatibility. The translucent, tissue-like design and cosmetic clasping provide your patients with the most natural look. CustomFlex can be used for all partial dentures, including conventional cases (unilateral and bilateral designs) or combination cases using a metal substructure base with thin, flexible clasping and saddles. It is available in: clear, pink, light pink, medium and dark.


  • Extremely flexible for comfort
  • Translucent tissue-like design
  • Cosmetic clasping
  • Can be fabricated with or without a cast metal framework
  • Advanced thermoplastic resin with nylon-like injected base material
  • Available in five shades: Pink, Light Pink, Medium Meharry (Ethnic), Dark Meharry, and Clear


  • Natural, life-like aesthetics
  • Long-lasting, virtually unbreakable
  • Lighter, less-bulky than other partial materials
  • Flexibility provides extended strength and comfort
  • Biocompatible alternative for patients with acrylic sensitivity

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